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There are several important factors that contribute to your chances of maintaining good oral health. This includes brushing your teeth every morning and night as well as remembering to thoroughly floss between each of your teeth once per day. You also need to make sure you are cleaning along the gumline as well as behind each of your rear molars.

Consistently cleaning these areas each day helps to prevent residual food material, plaque buildup and hardened tartar from causing oral health problems. Without these measures, the oral acidic environment caused by the chronic presence of plaque acids can gradually start to demineralize your tooth enamel leading to cavity problems. At the same time, hardened tartar near the gumline can significantly increase your chances of suffering from gum disease.

It can be beneficial to floss at night after you are done eating for the day. An efficient technique calls for gently inserting the floss between two teeth then curving the strand to maximize contact with the tooth. You should then one or more passes sufficient to remove food particles and other bacterial matter.

After you are done brushing and flossing you might want to also want to rinse your mouth with an antiseptic mouthwash that has earned American Dental Association’s Seal of Acceptance.

Having a dentist like Dr. Raymond Maddox perform a dental checkup every six months is also an important element in preventing oral health problems. If he finds a developing issue, he can help you understand your treatment options or preventive care methods.

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