Why Do You Need Braces?

Over the years, braces have been perceived as right of passage for children and teens. However, in recent years, more adults have also opted for orthodontics to correct alignment problems in their smiles. The most obvious benefit of orthodontic work is cosmetic. A straight, clean smile is appealing, and it is a boost a person’s… Read more »

What to Expect With an Extraction

At , Dr. and staff are dedicated to keeping your smile bright and beautiful. From time to time, proper dental care may include a tooth extraction. There are different reasons why an extraction might be necessary. An extraction may be required because a tooth has been damaged by trauma or disease to the point that… Read more »

The Basics of Root Canals

Every part of your tooth is important, but the pulp is a very vital part. The pulp contains the nerves, blood vessels and the tissue that connects the tooth to your mouth. From time to time, you may get a cavity, or your tooth may become damaged. If the bacteria or decay works its way… Read more »

A Good Diet Can Help You Keep a Bright Smile

Keeping your teeth bright is a never-ending job. Brushing, flossing and using a mouthwash can help. Regular visits with Dr. at will also go a long way to keeping your teeth clean and white. Beyond that, what you eat can have a big effect on the color of your teeth. Pasta sauce, for example can… Read more »

Tips for Breaking Thumb Sucking Routines

Although thumb sucking can often be seen as a cute little quirk that children have, the truth is that thumb sucking can be dangerous for their smile and their oral health. In some cases, prolonged exposure to bad habits like thumb sucking can lead to teeth being knocked or moved out of alignment. Here are… Read more »

Imperfections in Your Smile’s Appearance Can Be Resolved with Different Means

Unsightly imperfections on the teeth in your smile can certainly leave you feeling unconfident in many of life’s social settings. Most of these situations cannot be effectively improved without the intervention of a professional dentist. Fortunately, a brief consultation at can help determine the best method needed to improve your smile’s appearance. The specific imperfections… Read more »

Is Your Oral Health in Premier Shape in Your Elder Years?

Is your oral health in premier shape in your elder years? As you age, the ongoing weakening of your oral health can become more prominent if you are not actively taking steps to keep your smile shining. As you age, keep your smile at its best with top-notch oral health care routines. As you get… Read more »

What Are the Common Types of Teeth Whitening Treatments?

One of the fastest growing fields in dentistry today is teeth whitening. As a society, we crave faster and more efficient ways to perfect our white smile as quickly and effectively as possible. However, with the rush for a whiter smile, there are many products that have begun to spring up that are not all… Read more »

How to Prevent a Cavity

As you probably know, there are a number of things you’ll have to do to protect your oral health. For instance, we generally suggest scheduling an appointment with our team every six months. These appointments are important since they give our team an opportunity to inspect your pearly whites for signs of trouble.We also suggest… Read more »

Good Oral Hygiene Helps Maintain Your New Bridge

The dental bridge installed in your mouth was designed from durable materials that are meant to stand the daily rigors of chewing the foods you eat. Good oral hygiene habits and cleaning your bridge daily will help prevent gum disease complications. The severe form of gum disease, which is known as periodontitis, can cause your… Read more »