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Although we typically floss between two to three minutes a day, it is still a trade skill that holds many secrets. Even individuals who have been flossing daily for years may still lack the common requirements with their flossing techniques that keep their mouths from reaching their full potential.

According to the American Dental Association, you should floss between your teeth and gums at least once per day. Typically, a single flossing session should take approximately two minutes to get between every tooth. Don’t forget to floss behind your teeth in the very back as well.

An excellent flossing tip to remember is to never use the same strand of floss. After you are done, throw it away and use a fresh strand the next time you floss. In addition, you should use a different section of each strand between each tooth, so as not to overlap or spread harmful bacteria.

A typical strand of floss should be between 16 and 20 inches long. To properly hold the floss, wrap it around a finger on each hand for a sturdy hold, but one that can move up and down the strand as necessary. Try to use thread that is shred-resistant so it can fully clean your teeth without fail.

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