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A lot of people have wisdom teeth, and even more have them removed. However, it’s a bit difficult to know – either as a parent or as an adult – just when the right time is to remove those teeth. Let’s look at what Dr. Raymond Maddox recommends you do in order to stay on top of any potential wisdom tooth removal needs.

Get a dental checkup

Your general dentist can tell you when it’s time to remove your wisdom teeth. Not everyone’s mouth has the room to accommodate the extra molars, so if they look like they’re ready to come in but they’ll cause a crooked smile, or arrive impacted, then it’s definitely time to get them removed.

They’re generally removed to keep the integrity of your smile intact, as well as avoiding crowded teeth – which leads to more plaque buildup and a greater potential for other problems as well.

Teenage years

Generally, teenagers get their wisdom teeth removed during high school. It’s common to see them removed before orthodontic treatment, to ensure that the teeth you’re paying to have straightened will stay straight and not be affected by the growth of new teeth.

Wisdom teeth don’t always need to be removed, though. If your mouth has the room for the teeth, keeping them is almost always recommended. If you have more questions, please feel free to call our Maddox Family Dental Center team here at our Hartford City, Indiana, office today. We can be reached at 765-348-4111.